Saturday, 12 March 2016


Hello to all my crafty friends ( all 3 of you!)
Today I have taken the big step/leap/dive into the world of Blogdom....scary. I am hoping I will remember  

  •  That I have a blog 
  •  To write something on it
  • To create things worth blogging 

Not sure what my chances are, but hey ho lets give it a go!
First a little about me......
My name is Debbie and I am happily married  to my soul mate (when you have finished reading that bit and chucked up into the waste paper bin please carry on) and we have 2 teenage sons, a Cocker Spaniel,  Saphy,  (who forgets she is a dog unless she is scaring the postman, eating purveyors of junk mail or chasing the other two inhabitants of the house) Wes and Bubbles,  cats, who are sisters and heartily dislike each other. Their dislike of each other is only matched by their hatred of Saphy!
I have been into crafting for the past 4 years or so and still class myself as a beginner, with so much to learn. I began with card making as so many do, and as time went on developed interests in Mixed Media and Journalling. I don't really have a 'style'  as I am willing to have a go at most things,from grunge to shabby, but I do like 'pretty' and my go to colour choices are cottage garden flower colours; pinks, purples, lilacs, blues, yellows and oranges. If there was one thing  in the whole world I could have, craft wise, it would most definitely be MORE TIME!  I have so many things that I want to try, or projects that I want to do, that when I do get a little time to myself I become so overwhelmed with what to do,  I generally go and have a coffee...then someone comes in and says "what's for dinner?" and I am back to square one. That is the main reason I didn't blog, as I wanted to "do" with the little time I have  rather that write about it! However, I have come to the conclusion that by having a blog, I can enter challenges more easily, therefore will be more focussed on creating...lets see eh?


  1. Hello there....I be here too!! Love the name! Looking forward to your first project. Xxx

  2. Hello there....I be here too!! Love the name! Looking forward to your first project. Xxx

  3. Welcome to blogland!! I am honoured that I am now your very first follower lol..... It was when I was looking at the Craftstamper entries for this month's Make it challenge that your entry jumped out at me, so I went over here to have a nosey about. Lovely things so far, I enjoyed seeing them all and look forward to many more creations!!